School Rules and Regualtion

Students are advised not to wear or carry with them ornaments and costly articles including wrist watch. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of these articles.
No audio equipment,mobile phone,camera,pen drive,irrelevant books,magazines of an objectionable nature shall be brought the school.
No one,who has been absent on the previous day will be allowed to attend the class without the lave application duly signed by their parents,addressed to the principal stating the reason of absence very clearly.Students who have been sick for more than a week should submit a medical certificate from the registered medical practitioner on joining.
It is compulsory for the students to complete 70% of the attendance in an academic year to make them eligible to sit for the final ground. Regular attendance ensures steady academics and personality growth.
A student may be suspended for smoking, gambling, using drugs or intoxicants, using slang language, stealing, fighting with co-students, damaging school property, possessing irrelevant and objectionable books& magazines ,mobile phone ,I-pod ,camera and pen drive.
This is to appeal to the parents to please attend the P.T.M (Parents Teachers Meeting) without fail and also stick to the time.
Parents are also requested to pay the school fees on time to avoid late fine and co-operate us in running the school smoothly.
Discipline is needed for the smooth running of the school. Punctuality, neatness, uniform of dress, courtesy, consideration for others and a co-operative spirit are insisted upon. We do encourage initiatives and positives expressions of creative work. Our aim is that self discipline should become a part of every student’s way of life.
Discipline does not destroy freedom and autonomy. Freedom and responsibilities have to be learnt slowly are freely accepted, in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgment and make choices about matters appropriate to there age and level of understanding. Student’s makes are tolerant as part of the process of growing, but repeated misbehavior which destroys the spirit of school and hinders other students from peaceful growing, is not tolerated, even if this causes pain to the parents of the un co-operative students.
In case of any act of indiscipline, students will be provided counseling by the experts and will be given enough time to correct themselves. However, if there is habitual tendency of breaking the school rule, reverse entry will be made in the Discipline Card which may ultimately lead to suspension/rustication of the students from the school.
A student should carry his/her diary to school everyday, The diary should have his/her complete identity information and signed by his/her parents.
In the morning the students should reach to the school 10 min. before the bell rings.
Students are expected to keep their class room and school campus neat and clean and throw leftover into the dustbins only.
Students are expected to maintain discipline in the school, follow rules and regulations of the school, respect their teachers and behave in a decent and civilized manner with their classmates and other students.
Students should be clean and neatly dressed students who are not in the complete uniform will be sent home. Students are expected to have decent haircut at the end of the month and put on the uniform of pattern/design approved by the school.
Students should take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities, sports and hobby/club activities.
No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school.
Children should not bring crackers, Holi colour, ear phone, walkman and mobile etc. in the school. Bursting of crackers and playing with holi colours is liable to lead to expulsion of a student from the school.

Recommendation to Parents

1. Parents are expected to play their part in enforcing regularity and discipline and see their wards prepare their lessons daily.
Parents are requested to check the diary & Note Book of their wards daily. They should see that their ward carries their text/excises books daily according to the time table for the day.
Parents are expected to attend every meeting and keep in touch with your ward’s school life.
Parents are requested to pay all the school dues of their wards in time.
Parents are requested to send their wards 10 minute prior to school assembly.
If the child happens to fall sick during the school examination, it is must that a medical certificate should be obtained from government doctor and be attached with the leave application.
Parents are expected to sign the principal’s/ teacher’s remark in the diary and progress report card of their wards after reading them.
Kindly check the hair cut, uniform and punctuality of your ward regularly. Fashionable bags and informs will be strictly prohibited.
Parents are not allowed to enter class rooms. They can meet their wards in the visitor’s room only after the permission of the principal.
No students will be allowed to go home during school hours without his/her parents.
Parents are requested please not to interfere in the school administration.
Expensive articles and mobile phones are not allowed in the school administration.
Expensive article and mobile phones are not allowed in the school and the school will not responsible for any loss of personal items/goods.
No Students is eligible to appear in the examination unless he/she put in an attendance of 75% of the working days in the respective term.
Application for a Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing to the principal by the parents/guardian of the pupil prior to one week’s.
The Transfer Certificate, Report card etc. Will be not issued till the dues are cleared.

Guidelines to the Students

The responsibilities of students to maintain a school attitude and behavior which is safe, orderly, and promotes a positive learning climate;
Attend school daily according to school district adopted calendar, arrive on time, bring appropriate materials, and be prepared to participate in class and complete assignments.
Strive for academic growth and to strive for their personal best.
Participate fully in the classroom, curriculum and learning process during the entire class period
Make positive contributions to an environment that allows fellow students to have equal access to educational opportunities.
Make positive contributions to an environment that allows fellow students to be free from discrimination, harassment, hazing and bullying.
Respect the rights, feelings, and property of fellow students, parents, school staff, visitors, guests, and school neighbours.
Protect and take care of the school’s property.
Assist the school staff in running a safe school, and to help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the school environment.